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Started in 2015, HFR is rapidly growing today as one of the most innovative small R&D companies in Southern California. Our success is based on just two simple concepts: be the best in your area of expertise and don’t be afraid to apply what you know to unfamiliar problems.

Vision Care. At HFR we are fascinated with the phenomenon of vision and complexity of a human eye. This fascination drives us to advance the eye care technology beyond its frontiers. Our Automated Vision Tester (AVT) is designed to provide the most accurate and comprehensive assessment of visual performance and our BlueStar surgical endoscope has an unprecedented resolution and color reproduction packaged in a mere 23-gauge needle.

Metrology/Sensors. HFR team has a successful track record in developing diverse metrology/sensor platforms including an industrial optical scanner, an atmospheric analysis system, an inertial navigation sensor, magnetometers, and flow meters. Our scientists and engineers excel in implementing novel measurement solutions to address customer needs where conventional approaches have severe limitations in performance or are not suitable due to system size, weight, and power requirements.

Deep Learning. As our sensor solutions become more and more complex with variety and quantity of output data, we rely on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning for data processing and interpretation. HFR is actively pursuing the development of deep learning data analysis tools for healthcare and complex sensor applications.

Manufacturing. We believe that manufacturing is an integral part of an R&D company. Beginning with the very inception of HFR, we decided that the final goal of any development project is the delivery of a product that we can manufacture and sell to our customers. We are continuously improving our manufacturing practices, quality control system, and our ISO-certified facility to meet the manufacturing needs of our growing number of emerging products.
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